Thursday, 18 July 2013

New Gaming console for iPhone iOS 7 concepts

Toucharcade has published Apple has distributed  peripheral equipment manufacturers by the third party, the standard guide of the game controller.
There are many features and for installation of the "iPhone" see guideline.
In this controller iphone fits in center and has ABXYLR keys along with aero keys and 1 pause key. If you look at the controller the image below, in addition to the key controller of the above, equipped with a joystick key or two L2 R2 button, controller full-scale is assumed.
iphone gaming console ios 7

iphone gaming console concept ios7

At WWDC 2013, which was held recently, Apple has announced a standard support of the game controller in iOS7, developer of the game app will be able to develop games on the assumption the input of the controller.
It has published "Caliber Advantage (below image)" the game controller that conforms to this guideline, also from othe peripheral manufacturing party.

Today, which is sometimes spoken white growth of home-use game machine market is running low, game developers are turning their gaze to hot gaming market of mobile handsets. that iOS terminal supports game controller as standard, will be able to further boost the development of the game for iOS. It means that to match the appearance of, game controller much appeared, iOS games for the market to expand: "New iPhone (iPhone5S popular name)" you think and iOS7 that appear to fall, and to appear at the same time perhaps I will note what.

iphone gaming console concept

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