Saturday, 27 July 2013

iPhone feature : iPhone 5 will be removed from production?

Chinese Internet resource Chinese CTech reported on developments in the tradition of Apple. If earlier with the release of new models of Apple preferred to continue to let the previous generation of phones to saturate the available price niche, this time the gadgets will be removed from production. The sad fate will overtake the iPhone 5. With the release of iPhone 5S his predecessor left the shelves.

iphone 5 black

According to the Chinese CTech, after the release of iPhone 5S release of the iPhone 5 will stop, and the practice of reducing the price of the old model after the release of the new work will be done. Analysts believe this decision is fully justified, since, according to the results of the work of Apple in the last quarter, the previous Soup virtually "eaten" by sales of the iconic iPhone 5, which resulted in significantly reduced the profitability of the enterprise.

Apple representatives with new tactics are planning not only to raise sales volumes iPhone 5S, but also to increase the realization of the budget iPhone - iPhone Lite. If we look at the sales statistics, in the United States to share iPhone 4/4S accounts for almost 50% of the devices Apple, the second part is taken by the iPhone 5.

After-market iPhone 5S, volumes of "five" will be gradually reduced, and the budget will be filling a niche corporation simplified version of the iPhone Lite.

Have a look at the iPhone 5 would it be removed from production after the release of iPhone 5S?

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