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Frequently asked Questions about iOS 7 and their Answers. FAQ's

Answer questions about iOS 7

Most asked questions about iOS 7 and their answers.

Is it possible to install the beta version of iOS 7 without developer account?

If you are not a developer, but I still want to install the beta version of iOS 7, then there are a number of ways:
The first method of installation is currently working only with the first beta of iOS 7, which does not check UDID developer. To do this you simply need to download the correct firmware for your iDevaysa, and then install it via iTunes.
The second and most reliable - ask someone from the familiar device UDID developer to add to your account. This will be updated to the newer beta version of iOS 7 without any fear. Also, there are services on the web that sell empty seats for a UDID developer account.
The cost of such services is about $ 10, but no guarantee you nobody will. Moreover, in recent years Apple has been actively ban developers who sell space to add UDID and if this happens to those who you will gain space in the slot, your device may simply not be updated to the new beta version of the firmware.

After adding the UDID to your account developer to download the required version of iOS 7 on your computer and install it on your iDevices.

How to install iOS 7 on the device?

First you need to download the correct version of the firmware to your computer, and then run iTunes and the Devices tab click on "Update" , holding the Shift (on Windows) or Alt (on OS X).

It is noteworthy that the iPhone 5 is available in two firmware build - Models A1428 and A1429. Devaysa room can be found on the rear panel.

What to do if you update the screen says that the iDevices are not included in the developer account?

In this case, you need to "roll back" to the current version of iOS 6, and then try again to install the iOS device 7. In the web there is a lot of "broken" files iOS 7, so the firmware downloading files only from trusted sources.

For a long time it is possible to use the device with the first beta of iOS 7?

The official version of the firmware iOS 7 has a "shelf life" until July 24 of this year. Until that time, Apple will have to release a new beta version of iOS 7. Presumably, the next beta version of iOS 7 will be able to establish only the developers, since Apple will check the UDID devices and synchronize them with the data from the accounts of developers.

Before that time, you do not install a previous version of iOS 6 or not to add the device UDID developer account, the device will refuse to start and operate with an expired version of the firmware.

How to install an older version of the firmware?

Through a simple upgrade install an older version of iOS 6 will not work. To do this you need to download the firmware file iOS 6, and then install it using the same method as in the case of iOS 7. Hold down Shift (Windows) or Alt (for OS X), and then click "Update" in iTunes and select the firmware.

Members iPhone 4S, iPad 2/3/4 and iPhone 5 may only revert to the current version of the firmware iOS 6. For the iPhone 4S is the iOS 6.1.3, for the iPhone 5 - iOS 6.1.4. Remember that in this case you lose your jailbreak, can not do it again!

How fast is running the new firmware on the iPhone 4/4S/5?

Accurate to say that iOS 7 is very fast on the iPhone 5, there is less braking in the animation of some standard applications.

On the iPhone 4S brakes animation is somewhat more noticeable, but the handheld device can be used without any inconvenience. When you disable a system service the battery life will remain the same.

iPhone 4 has developed a slightly different situation - iOS 7 was not optimized for the "old man" and a significant braking will be visible to the naked eye. On the iPhone 4 to install the first beta of iOS 7 no special meaning.

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